The Capitol Theatre Endowment Fund
Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is clear and succinct.

The only information we collect from this website is information you provide to us on our Contact Us form, or from an e-mail sent to us by someone clicking on this site. We keep this information; we respond to it if requested or necessary, but absolutely none of it is forwarded to any third party.

It is used solely to respond to your request.

Some Technical Detail

We use Google Analytics, which employs cookies, so that we can analyze data about visitors’ activities on our site. We use this data to analyze the effectiveness of our website. No user data is ever shared with a third-party uninvolved with the provision of the data. Any cookie set on a user’s computer by Google Analytics is customizable by the user, such that it does not remain on their computer, and that no information relating to that cookie is maintained in Google Analytics data.

It is important to note that many websites have the capability of identifying a geographic location and presence based on your IP address. Our web site does not, and will not, share this information with a third party.