Your gift to the Capitol Theatre through the CAPITOL THEATRE ENDOWMENT TRUST FOUNDATION
may be made in many forms. You may establish a donation strategy to reflect your philanthropic goals
either during your lifetime or through your estate plan.


Cash gifts are tax deductible as provided under current tax law.

Bequests in your will are a simple way to leave a lasting legacy.

Securities, mutual funds, flow-through shares and stock options qualify for special
benefits to the donor, based on current income tax regulations.

Beneficiary gifts such as life insurance policies, RRSP or RRIF vehicles pass outside of your estate,
so the contribution is protected from probate and creditors.

New life insurance policies naming the Trust as owner and beneficiary generate tax credits
on their cash value and receipts for annual premium payments.

Charitable gift annuities are a way to make a gift to the Trust and still receive an income for
yourself or others. That income is guaranteed for life and is virtually tax-free.

Charitable remainder trusts allow you (or other named beneficiaries) to receive lifetime
income on your death, the remaining principal creates a funding source for the Trust and you receive
an immediate charitable deduction for a portion of the gift and avoid capital gains tax.

Real estate or tangible personal property can be donated to the Trust and deducted at full fair
market value, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. The Trust sells the assets and the net proceeds
are added to an existing fund.