Capitol Theatre Endowment Trust Foundation Port Hope

As a professional advisor, your clients expect you to provide sound,
timely counsel about the management, investment and, ultimately, the disposition
of their assets, their tax situation, or their estate plan. You can also help them
by listening for, and identifying situations when, a charitable gift to
meet their philanthropic and financial interests. These include: When year-end
tax planning identifies a need for greater tax deductions.

When estate planning highlights the possibility of significant estate taxes.
When your client is passionate about supporting the Capitol Theatre,
its vision, mission and needs, and is ready to make a significant gift. When your client
owns highly appreciated stock or other assets in a closely held enterprise or a
company that is about to be acquired.

When your client has identified a specific activity at, or need of, the Capitol Theatre
and wishes to provide support over an extended period. When your client has a substantial
asset such as an RRSP or RRIF within his/her estate.