allows you  to most effectively and efficiently carry out your charitable goal
of supporting the Capitol Theatre, the premier arts and entertainment
venue in the community.

Gifts can continue to be made from your funds in perpetuity,
preserving your support for the Capitol.

You may give a gift in your name, memorialize another person or draw
attention to a charitable field/activity already
ongoing or compatible with the Capitol’s vision and mission.

All grants to the Trust are identified to the recipients by name
or the name of the fund involved. Or, you could choose to give anonymously.

Tax Advantage:
The CRA tax code encourages contributions by individuals and foundations/trusts
and accords you major tax deductibility, as well as other advantages.

Investment Expertise:
You save the time and expense of investment planning and are assured
professional investment of your funds for optimum return on
your charitable goal.

Giving Options:
You can realize your charitable intent by choosing from among the variety of donation
options offered by the Trust. Almost any asset of value can be considered,
and there is a minimum of paperwork involved.